Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Great Vernon Witham, 1925-2010

Self-Portrait of Vernon Witham, Painted at Age Eighteen

Artist Vernon Witham (the painter for "Surviving Picasso," famous University of Oregon alumnus, shown in museums internationally), who has been prominently featured on Art of Santa Fe, much beloved here and in his home state of Oregon, passed away this morning after a long illness. Vernon Witham will always be remembered for his brilliant talent and originality.

Vern Witham painted in nearly every style imaginable, with supreme skill. Most of his work came from the vast depths of his mind. Vernon had architectural and engineering skills, as well, which are evidenced in his immense body of work. He designed and built a fabulous house and painting studio in Santa Fe, which he shared with his younger sister, painter Beverly Jean.

Vernon Witham's paintings and his recent #2 pencil drawings were derived from his wild, humorous, vivid imagination, from faces and animals that he had logged into his steel-trap mind throughout 84 years, which he deftly incorporated into surreal and amusing scenes. Vern had a distinct, individual style which is instantly recognizable in his artwork. Witham received a phone call from his old friend James Ivory last week, who told him that his 1950s paintings were superior to those done by Picasso during that era.

People who are very familiar with Vernon Witham's landscapes of New Mexico and Oregon will automatically visualize his unique interpretation of clouds whenever they look at the sky. I see Vern Witham's clouds up there often, in their chubby, almost human forms. Vernon saw many more magical things in the Santa Fe skies than usual during his last days. Vernon said to his sister Beverly Jean (Tiqua), while in the agony which preceded his passing into Heaven, that he saw God and knows He exists. We see God in Vern's fantastic paintings.

©M-J de Mesterton, August 2010

From the Santa Fe New Mexican, Vernon Witham's Obituary
VERNON WITHAM 1925- 2010 Vernon Witham passed away August 8, 2010 at the age of 84 succumbing to a long illness. He was born on December 6, 1925 in Eugene, Oregon. He is survived by his sister Beverly Jean Strong and niece Nancy Strong. Vernon was an accomplished painter with acclaim starting in his late 20's having showings at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, the De Young Museum and Smithsonian. He moved to Santa Fe in 1988 and continued to paint and draw until 2 weeks before his death. Vernon was much loved by all who knew him. He will be dearly missed and always in our hearts. In lieu of flowers please make a donation to the supportive and caring nonprofit Coming Home Connection 418 Cerrillos Road Santa Fe, NM 87501

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Paul Shapiro Wins Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts

Painter Paul Shapiro of Santa Fe, a Most Deserving Recipient of the New Mexico Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts, Category: Painting

Ten artists and art-contributors, including actor/director Robert Redford, are recipients of the 2010 Governor's Awards for Excellence in the Arts.

The awards will be presented in September at the St. Francis Auditorium at the New Mexico Museum of Art.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mating of the Minds

Legendary Santa Fe painter Paul Shapiro, who is also an accomplished guitarist, and New Mexico scientist Charryl Berger were married this year.

A board member of New Mexico State University, newlywed Charryl Shapiro has been the Director of Energy and Sustainable Systems Programs at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and technical energy advisor to Governor Richardson.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Shapiro!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Painter Paul Shapiro with Photographer Nicole Lewin, September 2008

Vernon Witham at Home with His Paintings

Photo of Vernon Witham Copyright Art of Santa Fe, 2009

"My art is about the converging of inner and outer worlds." Originally from Oregon and born in 1925, Vernon Witham currently has a home and studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Living in the Northwest and southwest combined exerts an underlying influence on much of Witham's painting. While stationed at Fort Bliss, El Paso Texas, Witham began collecting colonial Mexican Paintings and Santos. After his release from the army in 1946, he went directly to Mexico City where he painted for that year and then returned to Oregon to continue his art education. Witham studied at the University of Oregon and San Francisco School of Fine Arts. While at the University of Oregon ideas about "structured systems" and color led Witham to the Cubists style of painting.
~~Strong Publishing

Editor's Note: Vernon Witham painted all but one of the works in the movie, "Surviving Picasso". James Ivory did the other one.

Santa Fe Artist Vernon Witham with His New Drawings

Vernon Witham: New Drawings, 2009

Posted by Picasa
Photo Copyright Art of Santa Fe, Featuring Drawings by Vernon Witham, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

Vernon Witham Update

Vernon Witham is doing less painting and more drawing these days. His drawings are in pencil on 11" X 17" paper. They are all done from the fantastic, mystical, and humorous images in Vern's active imagination. Witham can paint in any style he pleases, because he is a master. This skill has now exhibited itself in his painterly creations on paper, using just a pencil.

Friday, April 17, 2009

M-J de Mesterton, the Original Rock Painter

Psychedelic, Mystical Paintings of Rocks, Crystals and Gems

by M-J de Mesterton since 1975

Photo Copyright The Rock Painter
What are the Rocks Telling Us?
Oil on Canvas 56" X 42"
(Courtesy of Pegasi Energy, Tyler, Texas)

Monday, December 29, 2008

James Perigord at Zane Bennett: Vernissage January 9th

5-7 p.m. on January 9th, Zane Bennett gallery, Guadalupe St. and Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Saturday, May 17, 2008

James Perigord

Photo Copyright Art of Santa Fe, 2007

The Brilliant Artist, James Perigord at Zane Bennett Gallery, Santa Fe

Monday, September 22, 2008

Paul Shapiro: 1990-2008 Paintings at Zane Bennett Gallery, Santa Fe

Painting by Paul Shapiro

Paintings by Paul Shapiro
Above: Santa Fe Rock Painter M-J de Mesterton with Legendary Santa Fe Artist Paul Shapiro
People looking at Paul Shapiro's Paintings (unusual for a Santa Fe opening)
There's so much to see at the Paul Shapiro Show, Zane Bennett Gallery
Digging Those Wild and Crazy Abstractions at the Paul Shapiro Show

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Paul Shapiro at Zane Bennett Santa Fe

Photo: Painter Paul Shapiro at M-J de Mesterton's Phil Space show, Santa Fe

September 12 - November 8

Paul Shapiro

Abstract paintings from 1990-2008

RECEPTION: Friday, September 19, 5-7pm

Southwest Mystic Painter M-J de Mesterton: Rock Painting

Chile Red Chert, 16" X 20", Copyright M-J de Mesterton 2007

Courtesy of Pegasi Energy, Houston

Site Santa Fe Violates Historic Preservation Code

Click Image to Enlarge
Traffic hazard, blinding light, gigantic carbon footprint Site Santa Fe, Site Santa Fe wastes electricty, Site Santa Fe environmental hypocrites, Site Santa Fe blinds drivers and pedestrians, Site Santa Fe's blinding stupidity, Site Santa Fe violates historic preservation code, Site Santa Fe wastes fossil fuel
Site Santa Fe has a size XXX carbon footprint.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Blight on the Landscape in Santa Fe

Photo Copyright Art of Santa Fe, August 2008: Click to Enlarge

Dreck "Vernissage" on Video: notice how no one can look at the paintings for more than a couple of seconds.

Euro Trashes Santa Fe with Insulting "Art"
Paintings have no message--they're just messes.
German "Minimalist" Gunter Forg (Förg) and Zane Bennett Gallery say "Eff you!" to art buyers in Santa Fe with a no-talent show of garbage paintings. How this show can be called "minimalism" is beyond us, but if what they mean is a minimum of effort, it's appropriately defined.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Art Scammers Caught

They thought they could get away with taking advantage of seasoned artists who have had success and who are in a debilitated condition. We're not letting them have access to the disc of images from an eminent Santa Fe painter, whose initials are V.W. The perps have been discovered. Yes, they came to Santa Fe, New Mexico from "Shanghai, China" to try and bulk-up their internet images for copying--a forgery service which also pretends to be professional art providers. If you are an artist, you and your work could be Shanghaied by, and their sister-site,

We are watching your on-line inventory very closely, Ms. Liu.UPDATE, June 14th, 2009: these art thieves are now out-of-business!


The material on this web-site is protected by copyright law, and some heavy-duty enforcers!

Friday, June 27, 2008

El Dorado, by M-J de Mesterton, The Rock Painter

El Dorado, Oil on Canvas 66 X 72", Copyright M-J de Mesterton, 2007
Mystical Painter of Santa Fe
Image Protected by Copyright Law, and Some Heavy-Duty Enforcers

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vernon Witham

Painting Copyright Vernon Witham; Photo by M-J de Mesterton

Painting Copyright Vernon Witham; Photo Copyright de Mesterton 2006
Vernon Witham Standing by One of His Oregon Coast Paintings
Photo Copyright M-J de Mesterton, 2006
Painter Vernon Witham (Surviving Picasso), in the Santa Fe House that He Designed and Built
Photo Copyright de Mesterton, 2006
Above Left: Painting by the Late Santa Fe Painter Ron Strong, Vernon's Nephew

Self-Portrait by a very young Vernon Witham

Painting copyright Vernon Witham. Copyright of all images herein is strictly enforced.

Vernon Witham's dealer may be reached at the following address:

Strong Publishing | 22 Hondo Ridge Road | Santa Fe, NM | 87508
by appointment only | 505.474.0024 |

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